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Care Instructions

Please see the following care instructions for our products


Minky Name Blankets

If you have never heard of minky before it is a super soft modern fabric that feels like plush velour. It's softer than fleece with kind of a short fur texture. While it may not be thick as some fleece fabrics, it is soft, cosy and warm. It is made from 100% polyester and washes up beautifully. Minky fabric should be washed often so that it removes any kind of dirt, body oils or lotions which are stuck to the blanket during use. 

We advise customers to machine wash these blankets in cold water on a gentle cycle with eco-friendly/mild detergent. The only thing which can tend to wear out a minky blanket is the heat during the cleaning process hence always wash in cold water. Never use fabric softeners, perfumes or dyes. Any kind of heavy soaps and softeners will tend to cling on to the fibres and this leads to drastic reduction in the softness of the fabric. Vinegar is an excellent fabric softener and can be used instead of those chemical ones. Air dry in shade is best or tumble dry on LOW heat. 


Cushions & Bags

All Made Just 4 U cushions and bags are made from a soft smooth poly-twill fabric that is easy to wash and care for. We advise customers to machine wash these items in cold water with eco-friendly/mild detergent, being sure that there is no other item in the wash that they will get a snag from (can pop them in a ‘delicates’ bag to avoid this). Alternatively you can wash by hand for small stains or dirty marks. Air dry in shade is best for these items.